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batch process
Drupal 8 Batch Process

What is Batch?

Extending Twig in Drupal8
Overview of Twig

Twig is a fastest and most secure PHP templating engine.

Drupal8, Twig, Twig Extension
Maintenance and security release of Drupal 7.56 and Drupal 8.3.4 is available for download

Drupal has released an advisory to update to the latest Drupal 7.56 and Drupal 8.3.4 versions.

Drupal Security, Drupal7, Drupal8
Creating a custom page in Drupal8.

In Drupal 8, We need to keep our custom,  contributed module in root directory.




Custom Page, Drupal8, Module, Drupal Planet
Display a view's block from a field in drupal 8.

There are some steps to reference a view's block display from a field.They are

Step1: Create a region in your theme.

Drupal8, views, Drupal Planet
our own hook
How to create our own hook?

What makes drupal powerful?

Drupal, Drupal7, Hooks, Own Hooks
Drupal hooks: hook_tokens

This hooks is to provide replacement values for placeholder tokens.


Drupal, Drupal7, Tokens, node
Drupal hooks: hook_token_info

This hook is used to provide information about the available placeholder tokens.

Drupal, Drupal7, Tokens
Hooks Core Classification


Drupal, Drupal7, Hooks